From horse to elephant, dog to camel, pig to tiger, snake to monkey our experts make the difference. Animals for stunt and film atmospheres.

About A-List Animals Owned by Cody Smith
About A-List Animals Owned by Cody Smith

Greetings,  A-List Animals is owned by Cody Smith, who has been training animals for the film & entertainment industry for over 20 years and has spent his entire life with animals.  Both of his parents are also animal trainers and he has gained extensive experience training all different species of animals, from horses and dogs, to exotic cats, apes and even marine mammals.  He and other trainers at A-List Animals have supplied and trained animals for countless films, television shows, commercials, still shoots and live events.  In addition, we specialize in animal stunts, wagon and carriage work and comedic gags.

Our company prides itself on helping productions achieve their shots creatively, efficiently and safely.  Our animals are well-trained and our trainers arrive prepared allowing you to save valuable time and money on the shoot day.  We also make ourselves available 24/7 to answer questions, discuss ideas, arrange animal showings or provide photos, demo reels or budgets.

Our main facilities are located in Piru, CA just northwest of Valencia, CA off Highway 126 and less than 50 miles from Downtown Los Angeles.  We also have corporations in many other states including New Mexico and Louisiana.  In addition to providing quality trained animals, we have a huge selection of animal-related and period equipment.  We are also happy to advise on filming locations for your shoot.  If you would like to see our animals and facilities, please let us know.  We would love to show you around. 

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any reason!


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A-List Animals

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